We provide Professional Development Programs and Workshops for educators, teams, schools and school leaders.

Through facilitation, 360 feedback, and coaching, we offer differentiated professional learning. Designed using high impact strategies, focused on helping you build future focused high performing teams, who are ready to engage with next generation learners.

Our Programs

Designed for educators across all learning stages

School Leaders

Specifically designed for School Leaders and Leadership Teams to support self-reflection, self-awareness, feedback, feedforward, collaborative and difficult conversations, goal setting and personal development for both leaders and their teams.

Teachers and Teams

Specifically designed for school- wide Professional Learning (both teachers and leaders) to support self-reflection, self-awareness, feedback, collaborative conversations, goal setting as well as team building for growth and high performance.

Individual Workshops

Each of our workshops are designed to be delivered over a 2-hour period, perfect for afternoon or twilight Professional Learning sessions.


Distinct from other forms of training, coaching focuses on a specific way of “learning”. Our coaching workshops provide a practical guide for school leaders to support self-improvement.

360 Feedback Insights Platform™

Designed to assist in collating evidence relating to your teaching and leadership practice

Our Insights Platform™ at a glance

360 degree feedback

Individuals and teams; leaders, teachers and support staff

Insightful analytics

Insight into strengths and possible coaching needs for individuals and teams

Easy implementation

We deliver the entire process and can set you up in a few days

Strengths based development

Build on strengths to meet the challenges of changing situations and your school core values

Insightful team overviews

By school, department, year group or your preference to ensure good decisions with accurate information

Real-time reporting dashboard

Administrators can monitor progress and participants can track individualised task list

Anonyomous if you want

Optional to keep feedback identities hidden

Track development over time

A visual dashboard to measure your development and impact

Development focus

Personal guided workbooks, templates and support staff


We've partnered with many educators to provide feedback and professional learning

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