360 Feedback Insights Platform™

Better insights make better futures

Actionable Feedback

building leadership through impact measurement
360 degree feedback

Setting up and gathering feedback from peers and collaborators is simple and easy to manage.

Meaningful reports simplified

Once a feedback cycle is complete, a summary report is automatically created. Reports give insight into strengths and development opportunities and help with future goal setting.

Online reports

Utilise the unique and individual portal to access summary reports and data.

Real-time feedback

Monitor feedback as it is required - shortening the feedback cycle when necessary and providing formative responses in real time.

Coaching Conversations

Skills that are relevant

Help educators develop skills that align with the schools’ core values and competencies.

Anonymous if required

We always encourage open forms of feedback and professional trust however we can accommodate anonymity if required.

Goal setting for growth

Guided goal setting templates for future impact measurement.

Peer & coaching conversations

Educators can start meaningful and collaborative conversations with their peers and coaches to better understand their strengths and potential coaching areas.


Using Feedback for Decision Making

Insightful team overviews

Simple team and school reporting is available, giving you insights into team strengths and possible development opportunities. School wide professional learning can be targeted and have greater impact.

Real-time reports

One-to-Ones and development conversations become more meaningful and educators can focus on key strengths and key opportunities for development and growth.

Track improvement over time

Track personal development and learning progress over time. Convey a sense of achievement and success to keep learning efforts high.

Track user engagement and progress

Easily check who is giving feedback on time or who is struggling to formulate feedback and could benefit from more assistance or time.

Perfectly Integrated into Your School

Fits perfectly into your school

Design for easy adoption and integrated as part of your current development frameworks.

Mapped to current standards

We have a systematized approach to obtaining feedback for both leaders and teachers - mapped to the AISTL Principal Standard & AITSL Teacher Standards, with the ability to customise to your desired outcomes.

Security and privacy

State of the art technology that provides security and privacy for all online data.

Desktop, mobile and tablet compatible

Technology is compatible to all devices, and can be completed on the spot and in real time via any device.


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