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Reading for pleasure (why it is important)

Roberts (2010) argues that leisure is an important part of modern industrial societies. The time available for leisure is balanced between the interaction of social, psychological, and cultural dimensions of society. Medaille (2011) identified that reading for pleasure is important in the healthy development of self-identification, self-construction, and self-awareness. The importance of literacy in schools…

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Why I should leave the laptop at school this weekend?

Hewlett-Packard was one of the pioneers of portable computers, releasing a laptop in 1987. Soon after Apple introduced the first-ever battery-powered laptop in 1989. The convenience of a laptop computer drove productivity and opened a portal toward working on the road. Excel spreadsheets became the fashion with financial managers and then mobile phones and later,…

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Term 3, but who is counting?

It is almost unimaginable that the school year once spread across 2 and then 3 terms. Up until 1987, this was the school year that teachers and school leaders had to manage. Term three was often 13 weeks, the seasons moved from autumn and into winter. In a three-term year, mid-term three was tough. Tidiness,…

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Accreditation v Compliance

Colin Thompson tells the story about the Puzzle duck who was once asked by a puzzled frog where the sun goes every night. It is a bit like the question of how teacher accreditation intersects with compliance of mandatory training in teaching. The Teacher Accreditation Act 2004 (NSW) determined all teachers must attain the status of…

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Why does workload matter?

Schools are dynamic and ever-changing. Just when you think you are on top of one element of the workload, another task demands attention. Teachers and school leaders face waves of administration, data collection, and student needs that are increasing as well as constant demand on time in school and out. The recent industrial action of…

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How to handle difficult conversations in the workplace

Last month I had a phone call from a friend wanting my advice as they had just found out their position within the organisation had been made redundant. Termination can be a shock for anyone, even when we are aware that organisations or roles are under review. In this case, it was even more surprising,…

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Stop being busy and start being efficient

Our team of leadership coaches has the pleasure of spending time with 100’s of school leaders each and every year. At the end of every term, we discuss common themes that are addressed during our individual and team sessions and endeavor to create additional resources to help and support where we can. Most often these…

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Why Perspective is Important in Building High Performing Teams

When I began our organisation I researched everything I could on high performing teams, both in business and in schools. I was so intrigued about why some schools saw continual increments and growth in student performance and staff development and why others stayed the same or in some cases went backwards. I looked at the…

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How we started helping teachers with feedback

I made a decision to leave my tenured University job and join a start-up back in 2015. When I met with the Head of Business Development he told me that this would be my opportunity to impact the lives of teachers all over Australia by introducing them to feedback and behaviour change methodology. The conversation…

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