What makes an ideal team player?

Photo – Pixabay “Collective efficacy creates a self-sustaining cycle: The belief that we can make a difference together makes us want to make a difference together.” Jill Harrison Berg Teachers are very good at bringing students together; sharing in groups in sport, art, and drama. It is often the case that this occurs out of…

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Goals for Growth. Importance of professional learning and self-growth

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Albert Einstein AITSL describes professional learning as a continuous cycle. Planning goals for growth should be a straightforward, self-directed process.  Without a plan there will be little or no growth.  The reality is that mandatory professional learning and compliance tasks have overshadowed the importance…

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How often do you think about reading for pleasure?

How often do you think about reading for pleasure teaser

“Reading is a joy, a desperately needed escape — I don’t read to learn, I read to read”.  Christian Bauman There is an ocean of descriptions and observations about reading, and the pleasure in reading. Nora Epheon wrote “Reading is escape, and the opposite of escape; it’s a way to make contact with reality after…

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Reading for pleasure (why it is important)

Roberts (2010) argues that leisure is an important part of modern industrial societies. The time available for leisure is balanced between the interaction of social, psychological, and cultural dimensions of society. Medaille (2011) identified that reading for pleasure is important in the healthy development of self-identification, self-construction, and self-awareness. The importance of literacy in schools…

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Stop being busy and start being efficient


Our team of leadership coaches has the pleasure of spending time with 100’s of school leaders each and every year. At the end of every term, we discuss common themes that are addressed during our individual and team sessions and endeavor to create additional resources to help and support where we can. Most often these…

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Why Perspective is Important in Building High Performing Teams

When I began our organisation I researched everything I could on high performing teams, both in business and in schools. I was so intrigued about why some schools saw continual increments and growth in student performance and staff development and why others stayed the same or in some cases went backwards. I looked at the…

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