Building High Performing Teachers

High Performing Teachers are imperative in ensuring student learning outcomes are met for all young people across Australia.

The Program

The High Performing Leader Program focuses on 2 key areas

360 Feedback - Insights Platform™

A systematized approach to obtaining feedback regarding teaching practice mapped back to the AISTL National Teaching Standards.


A post feedback program focused on self reflection, collaborative conversation, feedforward and goalsetting.

360 Feedback - Insights Platform™

Mapped to AITSL

A 360 feedback tool mapped back to AISTL National Teaching Standards.

Gathering Feedback

Systemised approach to gathering summative and differentiated feedback with a focus on characteristics that drive high performance.

Measure Impact

Measure impact and effectiveness at a given point in time and compare year on year data.

Personalised Portal and Reporting

A unique portal for every teacher with personalised summary reports.


Self Reflection on Teaching Practice

Guided self reflection focused on growth, development and change.

Goal Setting

Guided goal setting focused on development and possible enhancement areas.

Collaborative Conversations

Facilitated team and peer conversations about professional learning and possible change.


A focus on where to from here.



“Our staff have actively engaged in the Flourish Program this year and we are already seeing the benefits for our team. I can certainly recommend schools consider working with EduInfluencers as an investment in their people.”

Jason Borton - Principal of Richardson Primary School, ACT

“It is a pleasure to work as part of the EduInfluencers team - we are dedicated, market oriented and passionate about using evidence based feedback to help people grow and develop.”

Julia Milner - Associate Professor

“EduInfluencer's High Performing Team workshops were a fantastic tool for our team to recognise our strengths and begin to understand how to best work with each other for the best outcomes of the kid's in our classes.”

Renee Everill, Classroom Teacher - Ajuga PS