Bold, Reflective and Sustainable Capacity Building

We provide professional development programs, workshops, coaching and strategic consulting for educators, teams, schools and school leaders.

Our Programs

Designed for educators across all learning stages

Leadership and Executive Teams

Specifically designed for School Leaders and Leadership Teams to support self-reflection, self-awareness, feedback, feedforward, collaborative and difficult conversations, goal setting and personal development for both leaders and their teams.

Whole School Teams

Specifically designed for school- wide Professional Learning (both teachers and leaders) to support self-reflection, self-awareness, feedback, collaborative conversations, goal setting as well as team building for growth and high performance.

Strategic Consulting

All schools need a clear and transparent strategy to meet goals, manage change, drive growth and align and manage human capital and resources. In order for a school and team to perform as effectively and efficiently as possible, positions, functions, systems and processes should be aligned to an overall strategic direction.


Distinct from other forms of training, coaching focuses on a specific way of “learning”. Our coaching workshops provide a practical guide for school leaders to support self-improvement.


Each of our workshops are designed to be delivered over a 2-hour period, perfect for afternoon or twilight Professional Learning sessions.


Our programs for individuals offer tailored support, professional learning and personal development to meet the specific needs of educators.

Our Blog

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