Individual Workshops

Our workshops facilitate discussion in a range of topic areas, provide research and practical examples of how to implement in a school environment.

The Programs

Workshop 1: Driving Surface and Deep Learning
  • Techniques to help student’s self-reflect
  • Relevance in self-reflection to help retain information
  • Helping others to critically reflect
Workshop 2: Building Relevance
  • Relating to other and drawing relevant links
  • Using real life examples
Workshop 3: Differentiation and Formative Assessment
  • Difference between formative and summative assessment
  • Learning about Learning
  • Practical examples that have worked in other schools
Workshop 4: Setting Learning Intentions & Success Criteria
  • Debunking the myths
  • Constructing Learning Intentions
  • Students (or peers) role in setting learning intentions and criteria
Workshop 5: Setting Objectives and Collective Efficacy and Goal Setting
  • Goal striving versus goal attainment
  • Approach versus avoidance mechanisms in goal setting
  • Using feedback to set individual and values orientated team goals
  • Working towards common values orientated goals
  • Helping others set goals for development
  • Collective efficacy and student learning outcomes
Workshop 6: Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • The nature of feedback and feedforward, the psychology behind how we process such information
  • Preparing self, students and peers to receive feedback and guiding  hem to reconstruct this as feedforward
  • Formative Feedback
Workshop 7: Feedback Culture
  • The importance of Social Baseline Theory
  • Feedback for growth
Workshop 8: Feedback to Maintain Momentum
  • Feedforward as an accelerator of growth
  • Collaborative feedback
  • Common challenges and how to overcome them
Workshop 9: Communicating to Build Positive Teams & Relationships
  • Understanding perspectives (self and others)
  • The science and art of coaching
  • Using coaching techniques to enhance outcomes
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

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