Celebrating the Summer Equinox

Photo by Photo by Jordan Elliott

“Madness designates the equinox between the vanity of night’s hallucinations and the non-being of light’s judgments.”

Michel Foucault

School leaders have the profile in the community, and all the responsibly for all things in, around and of the school. Policies spew from tired printers, phones scream for attention, and in the quiet moments of early morning before anyone is aware that the Principal is in the Office. It is a particular skill to catch some ‘quiet’ time between the end of school day and the next meeting. School leaders are charged with the responsibly of answering every question about assessment results, school improvement and teacher efficacy. Not surprisingly, school leaders have well developed HR management skills.

Community expectations of the local school is always changing. The most common questions asked of teachers and school leaders? “Is my child happy?”, Do they have friends?”, Are they working hard?”

I would proffer that teachers and school leaders need to find the time to ask themselves the same questions. Don’t wait until the Summer Equinox that falls on December 22!

Your work is valued. You are working with the communities of tomorrow.

Thank you for the time and care that you share with our children.