What are you doing to support Gender Equity?

Photo – Ksenia Chernaya

“True confidence is infectious.” 

Ann Friedman

The SHINE theory is used, not in the pure scientific sense to describe the importance of women supporting women. Simply put, when other women do well, it positively affects (women), to strive for more in personal and professional life.

The occurrence of women being placed in the position, either by society or organisations, to have to compete with other women is uncomfortably common. This behaviour is often described by evolutionary psychologists, when applying the view that women avoid competition with other women.

The prevailing gender roles and norms of contemporary society, perpetuated by traditional media, social media and outdated social construction of women has the risk of trapping our daughters, sisters, and aunts into the recurring loop of 19th century gendered society.

Friedman (2004) identified that the form and function subset of a positive set of emotions contribute the broadening and building of wellbeing. This is not to be confused with positive mood. Behavioural psychologists argue that the Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions explains that positive emotions are not related to immediate survival rather the skills to broaden and apply emotional intelligence enhance survival.

Psychology aside, young women are succeeding in industry and socially, growing from the experiences and collective learning of older women. This is not occurring in isolation or is the result of a government policy.

Mentorship and coaching programs, executive shadowing, business development and forums continue to support, develop, and foster women industry.

Teachers play a central role in progressing gender equity and access to learning. The media focus of HSC data and the inevitable breakdown of academic results creates blunt statement. The real success of our education system is a society that is fair and just.

What are you doing to advance the goals of gender equity?