Term 4 is here! Professional learning, planning for 2023 and self-care

Racing toward summer holidays, rest, and recovery.

Time to take a breath. 

Family, friends, and a moment for self.

Term 4 is here!

Congratulations to our wonderful teachers and school leaders who have worked hard and made it to the end of another school year. It is not hard to understand the current campaigns of the Teacher unions who are campaigning to be recognised. The “More Than Thanks” and “Hear Our Voice” campaigns are drawing attention to improved salary outcomes and working conditions. It would be great to be able to say the industrial campaigns will culminate with the necessary improvements made to the 2023-2025 Award.

Now is the time to ensure you are checking your professional learning, ensure you have evaluated the learning.

For many teachers this year will be the first time that they must ‘maintain’ their accreditation. This is a requirement to be employed. There is a cohort of teachers who entered the profession with the legislated requirement for accreditation and are in the second and third maintenance period. 

2023 will see all NSW Public school teachers and school leaders enter a new model of the PDP process and NESA professional learning requirements. While the PDP process will change from that which was created through an agreement between the NSW Teachers Federation and the Education Department, it could be the model that will make professional learning relevant to the core business of teachers. Indeed, this is the challenge for school leaders to find balance among curriculum change, new policies, and government initiatives, while leading and managing the school.

While accreditation might seem another administrative task, it is an opportunity for you to reflect on your growth as a professional. 

Why is Term 4 the time to begin planning for 2023? 

It is important to plan the self-care practices that will enhance your wellbeing, and work-life balance. You are worth it! 

In recent times bushfires, floods, droughts, and the pandemic have taken a toll on our collective wellbeing. Thank you for the wonderful work and leadership of our teachers and school leaders. The work of schools has changed and now is the time to acknowledge the need to plan for your health, as you plan for 2023.